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    Trendi Travel Mate is a digital platform that is set to revolutionize travel on a global scale. Established in October 2015 under Zuger International, Trendi understands and anticipates travelers' needs. This has led the company to partner with select hotels and establishments with the intent of providing users with unique opportunities and experiences for the duration of their trip. Since its inception, Trendi has received numerous requests for its exclusive travel technology. Trendi’s vision is to expand to over 44 regions in service of over 66 million users worldwide.

  • Overview

    Smartphones have become an important part of modern travel. They allow travelers to hold a vast amount of information in the palms of their hands, giving them access to the latest news, trends, and events. Trendi harnesses the power and capability of the smartphone to offer users free calls, texts, data roaming, and exclusive deals within the city they are visiting. Trendi Travel Mate is the ultimate solution to keeping travelers constantly connected, without incurring extra cost.

  • Mission

    • Eliminate the high cost of overseas data roaming.
    • Stay connected wherever you go.
    • Receive the best deals, promos, and offers within their destination.
    • Experience enhanced services from hotels and partner establishments.
  • Our Approach

    Delighting travellers with a complimentary mobile phone courtesy of our partner hotels worldwide with unlimited 3G data, local calls and SMS to ensure you are always connected.

    Delighting you with the best local offers, highlights and advice through our very own Trendi travel application paired with iBeacon technology keeping you in touch with the latest promotions while you are on the go.

    Delighting our hotel partners by delivering an innovative patented VOIP platform enhancing guest engagement via push content and dial features integrated with the hotels IPPBX system.

What we do

What We Do

  • revolutionizing travel

    Trendi meets the needs of the modern traveler through its unparalleled technology that offers guests of partner hotels a free handset to use for the duration of their stay. Equipped with unlimited 3G data and free local calls and SMS, as well as direct contact with their hotel concierge, Trendi Travel Mate ensures that travelers are connected wherever they go. The installed Trendi app, together with iBeacon technology, keeps travellers up to date with the best local highlights, offers, and discounts—it’s better than being a local.

  • Hospitality Technology

    With today’s travellers constantly searching for new, exciting, and authentic experiences, hoteliers look to technology to facilitate their guests’ constantly evolving needs. Trendi Travel Mate’s patented VOIP platform allows hotels to directly interact with guests, offering them access to in-house services at the touch of a button. By integrating Trendi phones with the hotels’ existing IP PBX system, hotels can reach guests through push content, customised messaging, and VOIP telephony communication, without being restricted to the phones housed in each room.

  • creative advertising platform

    The prominence of the smart phone in our lives has made it a strategic marketing platform with the potential to reach dedicated eyeballs across the globe. A recent survey by Emarketer concluded that mobile ad spending is expected to see double digit growth within two years. Trendi’s unique platform is set to cater to over 66 million Trendi members and users worldwide, with over 111,000 phones delivering exclusive push content, promotional offers, and local attractions. Trendi devices’ portability ensures that advertisements always reaches the right audience throughout the duration of their stay.

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Contact Us

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  • Member of PATA Pacific Asia Travel Associatation
  • Amadeus
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  • Philippines
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